Hotel Antiga is created respecting the characteristics of the former Indian house of Cal Manganyes. The house was built in the late eighteenth century by Captain Ignacio Solé.

The intense and passionate life of this Indian is reflected in each of their belongings, which are still preserved intact. This intrepid captain from Calafell, crossed the Atlantic several times aboard his ship, a brig named Isabel, but everyone called “Currutaco.”

At the age of 40 years, and after an expedition that endangered his life, he decided to become a priest and embarked upon a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Salvador Vallès Aran Rigual i Cèlia Castells, grandparents of current owner, bought the estate from the Capitain , and a year later began to offer accommodation to French families and other foreigners on holidays in Calafell.
In 1973, due to the large number of tourists who visit, the heirs of Xuflero Cal, Salvador Vallès Aran and Josefa Ferré Barberá, built the small hostel Principal which remained open until the end of year 2000 when works of remodeling began.